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Category: Health Care Antitrust

My Practice is Being Squeezed…

When dominant hospitals use market power to threaten independent medical practices, physician groups who can’t find relief through government intervention or negotiation may consider litigation as the next step. George Sanders guides practices through filing an antitrust lawsuit process and elements of a strong lawsuit. Read the full article here.

The Pandemic is Not a…

The healthcare system in the United States has felt unprecedented stress due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and many facilities are not fully equipped to address patient needs. As numbers are expected to spike again in many parts of the country, hospitals and other providers are seeking ways to increase capacity.…

Approaching the Government with an…

Today’s independent physicians face a major threat: the consolidation of health care markets and the squeezing out of local private practices. These competitive efforts from dominant hospitals can violate federal antitrust laws. George Sanders helps his clients develop strong complaints to gain the attention of antitrust enforcement agencies and prepares…


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