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Antitrust Law Firms Chicago

Antitrust Law Firms Chicago

Antitrust laws can be a help to your business when you are seeking to compete with a more powerful company. At the same time, they could also be a source of difficulty as you try to grow your own business. While the laws seem straightforward as they are written, the way that the courts and the federal government interpret them may change over time. This is why you need an antitrust law firm in Chicago to protect your business. 

Illegal Business Practices Can Harm You

The word “antitrust” comes from the fact that these laws were passed in response to the giant “trusts” that sprang up at the end of the 19th century. These trusts engaged in anticompetitive business practices that harmed smaller businesses and consumers alike. If you are a smaller competitor, you can have peace of mind in knowing that you are protected from illegal business practices like:

  • Excluding competitors or preventing new entry
  • Group boycotts
  • Predatory hiring
  • Retaliation for competition
  • Unreasonable methods to obtain a monopoly

As a physician, you may see this in your daily practice as you deal with hospitals and health insurance companies. Hospitals do not like competition, and they often seek to punish it. Antitrust laws give you the right to file a lawsuit of your own when you have suffered damages at the hands of an anticompetitive hospital. You do not have to wait for the federal government to do something about the problem.

Antitrust Laws Apply to Your Business Too

On the other hand, antitrust laws could also impact you in your own business dealings. For example, doctors often try to form networks to help themselves in dealing with the business practices of insurance companies. However, any alliance among doctors is viewed as a restriction on competition. While physicians’ networks are not illegal, there are a number of antitrust considerations that need to be addressed, so they can stay on the right side of the law. 

The key to antitrust compliance is acting early when you are planning your business activities. This requires getting help from an experienced antitrust attorney who knows the right questions to ask. We help you get business done, structuring your arrangement the right way so that it remains legal. Ideally, your lawyer is a partner who facilitates your business after identifying possible legal issues and addressing them.

The best outcome is that you can avoid antitrust litigation. However, it is unavoidable in some cases. If you find yourself in this situation, George M. Sanders is a tenacious and dedicated attorney who knows the challenges that physicians face in their daily business. He knows how to take action to use the antitrust laws for your own protection, at the same time ensuring that you comply with the laws yourself. 

An Experienced Antitrust Law Firm in Chicago Ready to Help

Contact The Law Offices of George M. Sanders today to discuss antitrust law issues that pertain to your business. Early engagement with an attorney can only benefit your practice as you seek to navigate the competitive landscape. Our law firm can help. 

Our antitrust law firm is based in Chicago but serves healthcare clients nationwide. Cases with jurisdiction outside the State of Illinois are taken on a pro hac vice basis. For information on legal representation for an antitrust case in your state, please contact our office to learn more.


You need an experienced attorney at the Law Offices of George M. Sanders, P.C., who specializes in physician health care antitrust law.


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