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Antitrust Law Firms Greenville SC

Antitrust Law Firms Greenville SC

The business of health care can be even more challenging for physicians than the practice of medicine. Between insurance companies and hospitals, doctors can find themselves squeezed on both sides, and their ability to earn a living is what suffers. Doctors may try to work with other physicians to maximize their own economic interests. They may also find themselves on the receiving end from some rough treatment by hospitals that do not welcome competition. 

How Antitrust Laws Impact Doctors

Physicians are often surprised to hear about antitrust laws and to learn how much they could affect their practice of medicine. These laws are intended to protect competition. Doctors are here to help people, but the business side of things says that they are also competitors. Here is how the antitrust laws could apply to a doctor’s daily practice:

  • They are protected from retaliatory acts by hospitals who may deny privileges and fail them on peer reviews because they are punishing the physician for competing with them.
  • Antitrust laws dictate whether and how doctors could form networks to address some issues in dealing with insurance companies.
  • Doctors cannot monopolize the provision of services in a particular market

Antitrust laws can be complicated, and they can come down to how the Department of Justice or a judge interprets them. As a doctor, you need to stay ahead of the game. Before you enter into any agreement or arrangement, you should consult with a healthcare antitrust attorney to find out whether it is allowed. If not, you may be able to change parts of the agreement to ensure that it follows existing law.

The DOJ has extensive guidance about what is allowed for physician networks. Oftentimes, the way that you structure the agreement would make the difference in whether it is legal. This is why you should work with a lawyer ahead of time. At The Law Offices of George M. Sanders, we are facilitators who view our mission as helping clients get business done within the confines of the law. In other words, we work with you to help you get to yes. We take the time to understand your business and your goals, and we structure our legal advice to you accordingly. 

Antitrust law can change based on influential court cases. The Supreme Court can change the rules of the game with one decision. You need to stay on top of developments because they could change your business. If you are asking how Washington can impact your day-to-day business as a doctor, the answer is plenty. Your state attorney general may also have something to say about any business arrangement, so an experienced physician antitrust lawyer is a must. 

Healthcare Antitrust Attorneys Helping Physicians in Greenville, SC

Contact the Law Offices of George M. Sanders to learn more about how antitrust laws could affect your practice. We can help if you have a proposed arrangement and want legal advice about how to stay on the right side of antitrust laws.

Our antitrust law firm is based in Chicago but serves healthcare clients nationwide. Cases with jurisdiction outside the State of Illinois are taken on a pro hac vice basis. For information on legal representation for an antitrust case in your state, please contact our office to learn more.


You need an experienced attorney at the Law Offices of George M. Sanders, P.C., who specializes in physician health care antitrust law.


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