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Antitrust Law Firms Serving Boulder, CO

Antitrust Law Firms Serving Boulder, CO

The federal government has an interest in ensuring the maximum amount of competition throughout the country. They do this through antitrust laws that have been around for over a century. However, the obligation for competition under every single circumstance without regard for market realities does not necessarily exist.

There are some circumstances in which companies could work together for their benefit, provided that certain rules are met. One of these instances is the healthcare field. Physicians often find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place when dealing with insurance companies and hospitals. They try to provide quality healthcare services while trying to earn a living squeezed on all sides. There can be solutions, but you should always seek the assistance of an antitrust law firm serving Boulder, CO

Physicians Networks Could Help Your Business but May Present Issues

Sometimes, the answer for physicians is to cooperate with each other by forming networks. Theoretically, alliances of potential competitors could be illegal, but there are conditions where it is legal in the healthcare field. These physician networks are keys to better healthcare while possibly maximizing reimbursement rates from insurance companies. 

The government has a very tight set of rules that doctors need to follow, so they do not risk any type of penalty. This is where we come in as antitrust lawyers. We review your potential legal arrangement ahead of time to help you shore it up against any possible antitrust issues. We help make deals happen by putting them on more solid legal ground.

Antitrust Attorneys Help Protect You from Hospital’s Actions

Not only do antitrust lawyers work to keep doctors on the right side of the law, but they also help protect them when someone else is on the wrong side. In particular, hospitals often play rough with physicians, especially when they think that doctors are trying to compete on their turf. For example, hospitals often take exception when doctors try to set up their own surgery centers because it cuts into their bottom line. Hospitals make a lot of money off surgical procedures, and they could try to punish doctors by denying them privileges. 

Hospitals may try to use anti-competitive actions to guard their own place in the market. Another way that they do this is by using the peer review process to punish doctors who are competing with them elsewhere. Physicians need antitrust attorneys to help protect them from actions like this. Doctors could file antitrust lawsuits against hospitals that are targeting doctors with illegal actions. 

Antitrust laws are not always easy to understand, and there are added complexities in the healthcare field. We work to protect your rights while helping you when you try to grow and protect your business. We are dealmaking attorneys at heart who try to facilitate your business.

Contact a Boulder, CO Antitrust Lawyer

Contact the attorneys at The Law Offices of George M. Sanders when you need advice about an antitrust issue as it pertains to the healthcare field. We will give you practical legal advice that helps you do what you have been trained for – the practice of medicine. 

Our antitrust law firm is based in Chicago but serves healthcare clients nationwide. Cases with jurisdiction outside the State of Illinois are taken on a pro hac vice basis. For information on legal representation for an antitrust case in your state, please contact our office to learn more.


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