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Health Care Antitrust Attorneys Near Me

Health Care Antitrust Attorneys Near Me

In an ideal world, doctors could focus on caring for their patients without having to worry about their livelihoods. However, health insurance companies and hospitals continuously threaten a physician’s ability to earn a living. Doctors must often be proactive about both their business arrangements and protecting their own legal rights.  

One on hand, physicians often need to work together in networks to improve care and maximize insurance reimbursement rates. On the other hand, antitrust laws may punish instances where competitors agree to restrict competition. In the healthcare field, there is a way to make the former happen without getting in trouble on the latter issue. Physician networks are allowed depending on how they are structured and their rules. To comply with these rules, seek advice from health care antitrust attorneys near you

Consult with a Healthcare Antitrust Attorney to Keep Your Network Legal

While physician networks are legal, they can become illegal in a hurry if they are structured in a certain way. There are very strict “dos” and “don’ts” that doctors need to be aware of at all times. The three basic rules of these networks are:

  • No price-fixing
  • Doctors must share risks
  • The networks cannot be too big

We help doctors make these networks possible by reviewing the arrangements and giving legal advice. Oftentimes, antitrust issues could be avoided by advance planning with an experienced attorney.  You should expect that your lawyer would help make your arrangement possible by helping you deal with issues at the early stages.

Antitrust Attorneys Could Protect You from Illegal Tactics

Healthcare antitrust legal advice helps make business possible. It also helps protect your rights when someone else is breaking the law. Here, the culprit that harms doctors is the hospital. While doctors practice at hospitals, they often end up competing with them too. Hospitals do not like that because it cuts their profits. In turn, they try to punish doctors through a variety of underhanded and illegal tactics. These can include denying or revoking their hospital privileges. It may also include retaliating against doctors at peer reviews, which could have the same effect.

Physicians need someone in their corner when they are navigating the business and legal landscape because they often find themselves stuck in a tough spot. If their legal rights are challenged, they should take strong action. At the same time, they should be proactive if their business position could be improved through working with other doctors. 

At The Law Offices of George M. Sanders, we take the time to listen to you and learn about your own particular business situation. Then, we give you commonsense legal advice tailored to you to help make business happen or to protect your rights. We are trusted counselors who could be counted upon to partner with you in a practical way.

Experienced Antitrust Attorneys Near Me

If you are a physician and want to know more about how antitrust law affects your practice, contact us at the Law Offices of George M. Sanders, P.C., today for a free consultation. We are experienced antitrust attorneys with extensive knowledge of how physicians compete in the marketplace. 

Our antitrust law firm is based in Chicago but serves healthcare clients nationwide. Cases with jurisdiction outside the State of Illinois are taken on a pro hac vice basis. For information on legal representation for an antitrust case in your state, please contact our office to learn more.


You need an experienced attorney at the Law Offices of George M. Sanders, P.C., who specializes in physician health care antitrust law.


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