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National Healthcare Antitrust Lawyers

National Healthcare Antitrust Lawyers

Representing Healthcare Professionals in Antitrust Cases Across the United States

There is no doubt that the healthcare industry is a highly competitive one. Patients have many options when they need medical care, including from large hospitals and medical centers, private clinics, individual physicians, and more. While physicians might strive to provide the best quality of care and freely make treatment decisions, hospitals and insurance companies can make this difficult in many ways. One way that hospitals and insurers create hardships for doctors is by creating antitrust issues.

The United States has strict antitrust laws that apply to all industries, including the healthcare industry. When physicians experience antitrust issues, it can impact their practice and the care they are able to provide for their patients. Doctors may experience hardships due to false allegations or wrongful retaliation, which can be costly for their practices. If you are a healthcare professional and you would like to discuss antitrust concerns, never hesitate to call our nationwide healthcare antitrust lawyers at the Law Offices of George M. Sanders for assistance. 

Cases We Handle

While antitrust issues can arise in many different ways, our attorneys regularly handle cases in the following practice areas, among others. You should consult with a member of our team if you have concerns relating to any of the following issues:

  • Unfair competition by hospitals – Hospitals regularly have physicians who provide care at the facility but who also have their own private practices. In this situation, a hospital may attempt to create obstacles for the physician’s own practice to limit competition. Many actions by hospitals might be considered to be unfair competition that violates the antitrust laws in the United States, and our lawyers work to limit such unlawful actions.
  • False peer reviews of physicians – Peer reviews of physicians are critical to educating patients about a physician’s quality of care and any possible issues. While many patients rely on peer reviews when making treatment decisions, not all peer reviews are accurate, and falsely negative peer reviews can damage a doctor’s reputation and practice. Hospitals that allow or encourage false peer reviews to limit competition might be guilty of wrongful retaliation against the physician.
  • Healthcare collectives and networks – The treatment and care that physicians provide is often complicated by major insurance companies. To try to prevent the overwhelming influence of health insurance companies over their practices, some physicians band together and form networks or collectives to increase their power against insurers. While networks are allowed in the medical profession, some physicians outside the network may raise false antitrust concerns, which might complicate or jeopardize the medical network.

These are a few examples of the types of antitrust challenges that medical professionals might face. Doctors should be able to practice without concerns of false allegations or antitrust issues from hospitals and other medical providers.

Consult with Our Experienced Nationwide Healthcare Antitrust Lawyers for More Information

The Law Offices of George M. Sanders, P.C. represents healthcare professionals in a wide range of antitrust cases. Contact us to speak with a nationwide healthcare antitrust lawyer today.

Our antitrust law firm is based in Chicago but serves healthcare clients nationwide. Cases with jurisdiction outside the State of Illinois are taken on a pro hac vice basis. For information on legal representation for an antitrust case in your state, please contact our office to learn more.


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