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Physician Contract Review Attorney Chicago

Physician Contract Review Attorney Chicago

Examining Employment Contracts for Physicians in the Chicagoland Area

There are many different employment opportunities for physicians in and around Chicago. Whether you are looking for your first position out of medical school or you are looking for career advancement or just a change of pace, it is important to find the right position and terms of employment for you. When you are presented with an employment contract from a potential employer, it can be easy to sign it out of excitement without thoroughly reviewing and considering the terms. This can often lead to problems and misunderstandings down the line, however.

It is critical to always understand the nature of the terms of any contract your sign, especially one that governs your employment for a set period of time. Most employment contracts require you to fulfill the term of employment, even if you disagree with certain provisions of the contract. You should always make sure the terms are fair and favorable before you sign anything. 

Employment contracts regularly contain extensive legal jargon and complex language. While a physician might fully understand complicated medical terms, it is difficult to decipher the exact meaning of a contract without legal assistance. An experienced physician contract review attorney in Chicago can examine your employment contract and identify any cause of concern. Contact the legal team at the Law Offices of George M. Sanders, P.C., today.

Contract Review and Negotiation

While physicians are experts at diagnosing conditions and providing proper treatment, careful and effective contract reviews often require sophisticated legal knowledge. While you can skim a contract and get an idea of the overall agreement, the specific terms and their long-term implications might be difficult to fully comprehend. Often, physicians sign contracts they think are in their best interests, only to later learn that the terms cause issues in their job and long-term career path. 

Employment contracts can contain many complex terms that need to be reviewed include:

  • Parties involved (i.e., the employer and the physician)
  • The term of the contract, during which the employment relationship cannot be terminated without proper cause
  • What constitutes proper cause to terminate the contract (for either party)
  • The schedule and location of the position
  • Qualifications for the position
  • Regulatory compliance expected
  • Services to be rendered
  • How a physician can decide to provide services and exercise their own judgment
  • Whether the physician can provide services outside of the employment agreement
  • Standards of performance review
  • Liability insurance issues
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Warranties and representation
  • Indemnification
  • Obligations and benefits after termination
  • Non-solicitation or non-compete clauses
  • Penalties and right upon violation of the contract
  • How disputes should be resolved 

If any terms are not drafted in your favor, our attorneys can identify the issue and help you negotiate favorable terms in their place. 

Learn How an Experienced Physician Contract Review Attorney in Chicago Can Help

At the Law Offices of George M. Sanders, P.C., our goal is to assist physicians in entering into favorable employment contracts. Contact us for more information about our legal contract services today.

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