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Contacting an Attorney for Antitrust Investigations

Officials from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or state agencies are increasingly committed to the enforcement of antitrust laws, including fair competition laws as they apply to the healthcare industry. When your practice is the focus of an allegation, however, it can result in both direct and collateral harm if the matter is not handled properly. If your practice or potential merger is under an antitrust investigation, you should seek legal counsel and representation from an experienced healthcare antitrust attorney as soon as possible. 

The Costs of Antitrust Investigations

Antitrust violations can be criminal or civil matters. If officials determine that violations occurred, your practice could face civil penalties or even a criminal indictment, which might result in costly fines or prison time. In addition, prosecution for antitrust violations can harm your practice’s reputation, and it might erode shareholder value or even result in derivative legal action, preclusion from government bidding, and loss of financing. 

Even before any civil penalties or criminal prosecutions occur, the investigation itself can devour many resources. Practices large and small will need to devote significant resources to complying with investigators, and company leaders will likely be distracted from their regular roles for the duration of the investigation. Do not let an investigation threaten the viability of your practice – instead, seek assistance from an antitrust lawyer immediately. 

The Benefits of Legal Representation

Having representation throughout every phase of civil or criminal investigations or litigation regarding antitrust claims has many benefits. First, we focus on the investigation so you can continue focusing on your practice and patients with as little disruption as possible. We know how to communicate with state and federal investigators to ensure that nothing is unintentionally said that might be incriminating or used against the business. Agencies have both official and unwritten policies regarding enforcement and investigations, and we can respond accordingly. 

We gather all the requested documentation and are prepared to work with claimants and investigators to demonstrate cooperation. Our goal is to convince officials that no violation occurred and convince prosecutors not to take criminal action. We gauge our approach based on the circumstances involved and the demeanor of investigators – sometimes, defending investigations requires a more aggressive approach than in other situations. 

We know how to coordinate and work with enforcers, private claimants, and more. We can defend against allegations, as well as negotiate resolutions that work for your practice and satisfy officials. This takes a substantial amount of time, preparation, and examination of the matter, which you likely do not have to devote to an unexpected legal issue. Let us protect your practice from unwarranted allegations, penalties, and criminal indictments. 

Seek Assistance from Our Antitrust Attorney Helping Companies Nationwide

At the Law Offices of George M. Sanders, P.C., we advise healthcare practitioners regarding how to prevent antitrust concerns, as well as represent them during the investigation process. If you learn that there might be allegations against your practice, do not wait to contact us for assistance from an antitrust lawyer.


You need an experienced attorney at the Law Offices of George M. Sanders, P.C., who specializes in physician health care antitrust law.


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