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Physician Peer Review Challenges

Physician Credentialing Lawyers with Experience

The peer-review process is a critical component of the health care delivery system at hospitals. When the process works properly, it helps protect patients from substandard care. As many physicians can attest to, however, the peer review process does not always work properly. Sometimes, the process is used for improper purposes – such as retaliating against a physician that wants to compete against the hospital or is too successful against a powerful practice group that also practices in the hospital. Physicians who are subject to an improper peer review proceeding may very well need legal assistance.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of George M. Sanders have experience representing physicians that are the target of an unfair peer review process that has nothing to do with patient care and everything to do with unfairly tilting the competitive landscape.

An unfair peer review process can have a devastating impact on a physician’s practice. We can provide legal advice concerning your legal rights and the actions you can take to address an unfair and improper peer review action. Contact us at 312-624-7642.

If you feel that you are the subject of a medical staff peer review proceeding that has nothing to do with your performance as a medical doctor, or if the process is being manipulated in a way that has nothing to do with quality health care – you need to act quickly.

We will listen to you. We will work on developing a plan to accomplish your goals. We will provide you with practical legal advice and possible solutions so that you can do what you do best – practice medicine.

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